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Is there a site drawing of all 3 buildings to compare (similar to other attached photo)?


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LCBO is 117.3m high. I’m not sure what kind of angle you wanted to see south? Say St. Catharines you would need a little trigonometry to figure that out. 60 meters to LCBO. 47km to St. Catharines. 350 m to the harbour edge.
Thanks! Very helpful - I‘m guessing they are skipping 4, 13, 14, 24, 34, 44 (But not all of 40’s).
I’m trying to figure out which floor won’t have the south view blocked by the LCBO building (don’t want to look into it and vice versa) - it looks like it will be level 39/unit floor 45+ at least? Sadly it really narrows the chance based on the unit model I’m considering.
Hi, thanks for all your updates on Sugar Wharf!
I‘m looking to get a unit in the east tower and would appreciate any insight on which floor/level would not be obstructed by the LCBO tower.
In one of your posts (attached) it notes 39/45; would you you mind explaining this? (something about not having floors with #4?)
Thanks for your time and insight!


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39 levels high by count or the drawing. Assuming the elevator button would be 45 for the residents. Assuming no 4s and 13 but I have not correlated the data.
Hey, I was wondering if there is any news regarding the HousingNowTO sites (2 in total) at Don Mills and Eglinton? The latest update on the HousingNowTO website seems to be minutes from a town hall meeting from a while back, I was wondering if there was a timeline on when a development partner would be chosen
Well, glad to have discovered this site. Interested in roadgeeking, rail transport and other forms of public people moving. Am starting a project where I create fantasy maps of certain regions; just finished Niagara Region and now am looking towards Toronto.