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Alberta Politics

Absolutely outrageous. This coming from the freedom party ,less government blah blah blah. This is turning into a dictatorship.
The more and more she and the government do, the more and more I see it as a dictatorship too.

It's getting scarier and scarier by the day with all the crap she's implementing.
Her base doesn’t care. Her base loves this because it’s “owning the libs” in Edmonton and Calgary.

I’ve mentioned multiple times that the UCP base explicitly loathes Edmonton (and a chunk of inner city Calgary).

Big thanks to the people who voted them in :) I saw multiple people in the Calgary Skyrise forum mention that they were switching from NDP to UCP because of the corporate tax increase during election season. Great job on that one guys.
Incredibly frustrating to watch. I don't think I can even say "at least the cities aren't so bad" anymore when talking politics. The amount of massive policy changes they have made in such a short time is nuts. I don't know how anyone could smoothly and effectively delivery on any single one of their changes of that scale at the best of times. It just smells of creating confusion to slide through their crap.

Anyway, we need to band together with Calgary to ensure urban interests are priority. We are the biggest populations, economic drivers and draws for population growth, we shouldn't be beholden to piss pants UCP bullshit.
There are going to be a lot of court challenges coming. But it pisses me off. People I thought were smart are saying this will bring our taxes down. And another person said "she is only doing this to rattle everyone, it will never go through".