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Best Cities Ranking


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
For the first time, Edmonton has entered the top 100 Best Cities list, at #60.

The environment for a molecular evolution from chilly productive resource town into a curated hotbed isolated sufficiently to do its own thing has been here for years. The University of Alberta, healthy immigration and the government dollars that come with being a provincial capital have already created a place know around the world as “The City of Festivals,” with a lofty global ranking of #29 in our Entertainment subcategory. From Fringe theatre to street performers to an increasingly important international film festival, there are more than 50 large, city-sanctioned events every year.

A recent downtown revival has now catapulted the city into the “urban renewal” conversation that has been happening in other North American industry cities. The catalyst has been the new Rogers Place arena downtown, occupied by the rebuilt, young National Hockey League Edmonton Oilers, captained by one of the best players in the world the likes of which the city hasn’t seen since Wayne Gretzky helped win four of the team’s five Stanley Cups throughout the ’80s.

The result is the Ice District, packed with the independent and curated—a poke bar, decadent and handmade Jacek Chocolate Couture, incredible Mexican at Rostizado, and a design-forward Edmonton souvenir shop called Habitat Etc. The fascinating Royal Alberta Museum—long an overlooked gem in this city of many cultural pursuits—is moving to the district as well, in the new Rogers Place. The new JW Marriott next door will be one of the most luxurious and high-end openings for the brand in 2018.
I'll post this here, very interesting...
Where Edmonton ranks in new world's Top 100 cities list
Diego Digital Journalist

I imagine that COVID-19 and the fallout of its crisis was the responsible for Edmonton dropping 16 positions from one year to the other?
And I still have issues with how it ranks cities and I am ABSOLUTELY SURE that the people who make this haven't visited, let alone lived, in the cities they rank, except for a few...