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General Food & Dining Thread

The chef who owns and operates MilkCrate, a café in EPCOR Tower, and GhostLight, a coffee kiosk in the Citadel Theatre, is set to open PlayWright in the space in the Citadel that formerly housed the second Normand’s location.

Steve Brochu said he’s aiming for a late April launch for the 128-seat space.

More here:
Glad to see the old Normand's location have new life!
I've got a gift certificate coming soon and was thinking for going to La Ronde and Hotel MacDonald as a treat on some Saturday with my partner for dinner, yay or nay ?

Thanks for the input :)
My TikTok for El Mero Mero
La Ronde great views. Both will have decent food but won't blow you away. Hotel MacDonald probably better of the two.

My choices would be Fu's Repair Shop (Best overall restaurant Edify 2024), DOSC, Dorinku, Bar Bricco, Bundock.
Second La Ronde is good and does traditional dining well. Mac is good, was planning on going there for my anniversary. But best is Fus and Bundock and honourable mention to Sabor.
so much potential in that neck of the woods. Hope we see some more residential construction around these parts too.
Holy crap! The menus for both "Oro (50 seat high end) and Pyro (310 seat) casual all things to everyone type of menu have just been released to the staff.

Oro - will easily be the MOST expensive restaurant in the city proper - For example,

$150 - "1 pound of Alaskan King Crab legs." $150 Cowboy steak 26 ounces," equivalent to a Tomahawk in the States. Hand made pastas starting in the high $20's.

Pyro - things like Gyozas to Lettuce wraps to meat skewers on their "Open Charcoal Pit." Open garage doors like California Pizza Kitchen.....

My kid added our names to their dry run friends/family events before their official opening the 1st week of May.