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General Food & Dining Thread


The 1st Firehouse Subs…..
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Going to pick up some ribs before I head over to Endevor today. Darcy's Meats now has a smoke house restaurant. They took over the old Links woodfired sausage restaurant and expanded a bit. Full menu now. A few friends that have been by said its quite good. D'Arcy's Smokehouse Restaurant - #32, 275 Carnegie Dr., St. Albert, AB
I'll have to take a closer look, but I thought I saw some For Lease signs on the Envie restaurant (107 St north of 100 Ave)
Was the "by Louisiana Purchase" part of the signage a newer addition? I walked by many times (it was never busy inside) and never noticed that before. I had no idea that the two restaurants were affiliated.
Likewise, frankly we stay in that hotel at least once/year....never knew it even existed.
went to Darcy's Smokehouse and Catering on Friday after leaving Endeavor brewing.
Darcy's Meats took over the Links Fire roasted sausage house.
There was actually a line up. It was date night. and had specials.
The place about 36 seats in the place. 6 tables of 4 and 2 picnic tables.

Split the meal between my wife and I.

Had a 1lbs of ribs and the Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich. Side of Garlic Fries and Cornbread.

The ribs were fantastic. Dipping sauce was sweet with just a bit of tang.

Chicken was one of the best I have had in a while.
Meal for the 2 of us was about $34.00. Plenty to fill us up.

May get some ribs next time I go to Endeavor. a idea, it would be even better if they were beside each other.

Darcy's is a few blocks north of Endeavor at the Esso station CRUs. or just south of Servus Place Rec centre.
The chef who owns and operates MilkCrate, a café in EPCOR Tower, and GhostLight, a coffee kiosk in the Citadel Theatre, is set to open PlayWright in the space in the Citadel that formerly housed the second Normand’s location.

Steve Brochu said he’s aiming for a late April launch for the 128-seat space.

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