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For What it's Worth

Imagine it is 1973 and an individual came up to you and said “ there is going to be a new American company called Apple worth $3 trillion that is going to be bigger than GM or IBM who will make computers and stuff. Not your big mainframe computers but small computers that you can put on your table. In fact some of the computers will be small enough to fit in your pocket and use as a phone, a camera that is so good your can make a movie with it. You will also be able to send letters and memos to everyone you know. It will also have a calculator built in and a way finding system so you won’t n a map ever again.
And AND they are going to make it in North Vietnam.
Very Timely comments @Glenco as Apple just passed the $3 Trillion mark in evaluation today -- first company ever to do so and close at that value at the end of day-time stock trading. I am looking forward to their XR goggles being adapted to my ArchiCAD program so that I can live in an enlarged world from a proposal-design-perspective, a creativity plus.
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Alberta should consider building a Provincial Fire Fighting Force based in Edmonton (its where the trees are) to get ahead of the wrack and ruin brought on by climate change. Elite training facilities, expedited deployment, development of substations around the Province, and a headquarters development could all be part of an initial agenda.
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Interesting. If you just listened to the news, you would think everything is going to heck in a handbasket.

I feel a lot of the negative economic commentary these days is being driven by political division and agendas. I don't disagree there is angst and concern, but its not so doom and gloom as some make it sound.

Maybe it is also that I have now been around long enough now to put it in some perspective. I remember the late 70's - 5% interest rates and 4% inflation seem mild in comparisson.
Edmonton is going to continue to be a draw for people all across the globe -- for its stability, excellent education system, proximity to nature, work and leisure opportunities and its resiliency vis-a-vis climate change...
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Yes, some of those currently hot southern cities that seem to draw people so much now will become unbearable for more of the year and places that some people look down their noses at being too cold will become quite attractive, climate wise over the next decade or two.
Interesting. Apparently not just an Edmonton thing to feel a lot of architecture could be improved.