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For What it's Worth

From the National Post...
55%: Apparently, that's how much the hike to property taxes will need to be in Surrey, B.C., if the city continues its transition away from the RCMP, according to our friends over at the Vancouver Sun. There's perhaps a lesson in here for other jurisdictions *cough, Alberta, cough* that are contemplating similar moves.
A study of "Step 1" housing for homeless people.
Edmonton could be next... let's keep the push going...
Yes, in theory we could be, there are a lot of similarities. It is particularly interesting how Austin seems to be doing so well, considering there are larger cities in Texas that are very established traditional business and financial centres.

I think for years Austin was underestimated and overlooked, but perhaps people in technology wanted some place less traditional and not so large.
I think we sometimes look at such large established chains and think they are nearly invincible, when in fact sometimes they have feet of clay.

Retail is tough, but as always it seems to be a combination of factors, shifting economics, changing tastes, new competitors, some bad decisions by the company ...

I think the hardest hit will be the large physical chains that sell somewhat generic things. Smaller businesses with a niche or able to have a more curated collection might do ok or even thrive.