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For What it's Worth

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Edmonton’s Greatest Decade is Now​

Posted on December 30, 2023
As the year comes to a close and we look ahead with our resolutions, let’s vow to leave behind our criticism and resignation and commit to building a place of distinction, prosperity, and character.
Edmonton is on the cusp of its greatest decade – filled with unprecedented opportunity for youth and overflowing with unlimited prosperity for those willing to shift to a growth-oriented mindset. The next decade will see Edmonton as Canada’s:
  • Epicenter of artificial intelligence and life science innovation;
  • Nexus of the traditional and circular economies;
  • Heart of resource production and upgrading;
  • Hub for immigration and inclusion;
  • Centre for education and research excellence;
  • Archetype for affordability and social mobility; and
  • Leader for philanthropy and community connectedness.
Massive capital investments will continue to be made in the Edmonton region, building on Dow’s $11.5 billion net-zero ethylene cracking facility, Air Products’ $1.6 billon hydrogen facility, and paving the way for some of the largest Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) investments in North America. Net migration into the province will continue to drive consumption and the availability of labour. And our universities and colleges are accelerating the commercialization of highly skilled talent into the market.
No wonder the Conference Board of Canada anticipates that Edmonton’s growth will double the national average.
But wait.
Canada’s GDP is expected to drop from a paltry 1.2% growth in 2023 to a moribund 0.7% growth in 2024. Outperforming the national average can no longer be our goal. We can’t wake up every day and strive for mediocrity. This is our opportunity to lead, excel, and outperform.
To do so requires a shift in mindset – a 4% growth mindset – in everything we do. And an economic strategy that gets everyone pulling together in a unified direction.
I look forward to using this forum for some new thinking and writing – brainstorming and engagement – about opportunities and initiatives as to how Edmonton can take advantage of its greatest decade ahead.
If you were driving at 100km/hr with a head wind of 20km/hr you wouldn’t be doing 120 but your vehicle would have to work just as hard as if it were. If you left your car outside when the temperature was -30 with a wind chill of -40 when you go out the next morning it would be at -30 not -40 the difference being the car cooled down a lot quicker and that is the danger as a human your body has to work that much harder to maintain core body temperature.
Using a wind chill factor to describe this is very misleading when you have people thinking it is the actual temperature on the thermometer when it is not. They use this number to overly dramatize the situation to people outside the province which in my mind is counterproductive. They also falsely claim record low temperatures which they are not. If the were record temperatures we wouldn’t be having global warming we would be heading for another ice age.
A must watch.

I was just looking for a place to post that. I love Paige's videos and it's a timely look at what we are doing with immigration anyway as the sentiment has really shifted as of late. Surprisingly optimistic considering it is highlighting that we can't just patch up our problems anymore we need to confront them head on. I still hope that we can crack the code here to keep affordability our priority to help more people move here and share in the same quality of life we enjoy. It's simply too easy and lazy to fall back on "city's full go find another one". However, I am a bit fearful that rhetoric will be played up to its fullest in future elections. People here are enthusiast that care about our city (and country as a whole) you all have the power to influence others that we need to build, build, build and we need the people that can make it happen to be enabled, trained, certified etc.. This should be a golden age of construction we just need to continue to push for it.
What a nice video to start the week off with. Super glad the winter cycling congress brought folks to the city even more that it's left an impression. That was a way more positive video than I expected and it's always nice to get outside perspective. Yeah we have loads of challenges but let's celebrate what is working and how positive of an impact it is having on core neighborhoods.

Anyway enjoy!