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10507 to 10539–124 Street NW - Casia Developments - 2 x up to 27 - Proposed

Theres not a business on 124th that wouldn't benefit from having a few dozen out of towners staying in the neighbourhood every night. And from what I've seen, 124th is the area I would want to show off to visitors if I was trying to give them a good impression of the city. I'm not saying it needs a 20 story luxury hotel, but a mid sized average budget hotel would do wonders.
Not to derail but I think the Plaza 124's conversion would be a smart spot for a hotel, if there was one to be on 124.
Simon Sinek’s Infinite Game concept likely applies here.

I agree with @Greenspace to a degree. But I would apply that more to our general/overall number of high density residential units being built citywide. The pricing of units in Oliver and downtown are similar. Vs $500-800 cheaper in suburbs vs central. The transit potential in Oliver is still high vs suburbs. The local business spending vs big box spending is still high. The likelihood of visiting and support activities downtown vs the core are high vs suburbs.

Of course not everyone renting apartments in edgemont wants to live downtown if those were the only apartments. But I do think we’d see more people centrally if apartments outside the henday were more limited.

But for Oliver/downtown at this time, get anyone somewhat close to the core feels like a win. And Oliver is an easier sell at this point.