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Warehouse District Park


Just thinking about the ornamental water feature in option 2. The city already has successfully implemented a great water feature in Paul Kane Park, which is my favorite part about living in the "West Village".
On most days in the summer you'll see people sprawled out on the hills surrounding the pond, and you'll often see geese, ducks and various types of birds in and around the water

I think it's important to consider what type of wildlife will be using this park too, and I think having a water feature goes a long way in making this more habitable for them as well


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Very much so and ADP is often too crowded for some.

Add in a playground, multi-use court for basketball, tennis, handball what-have-you and you will regularly have eyes on the park.
I wish they would have doubled the size of the dog park at ADP as it's the most used feature by far. Then they could have included some agility features for dogs - like a playground. With agility features it could have attracted people from further out than just the area.
And that way, we wouldn't necessarily need another dog park just two blocks away and therefore can maximize warehouse park for human physical activity.
therefore can maximize warehouse park for human physical activity.
I honestly believe that having the dog park there would actually make sense and be beneficial.

A LOT of humans only go out to walk and play with their dogs. It is also one very common way for people who live in the same area to actually meet and interact.

The Warehouse District Park is going to be large enough to allow for lots of human-only activities AND the dog park. Also, having it in the southwest corner, for example, would be far enough from ADC, and close to a bunch of buildings that are not exactly walkable to ADC, especially in the winter.
More than a few urbanists/planners regularly quote Peter Kagayama and his quote around 'make your city dog friend and you will have a great people city'

Agreed. I believe dogs will still be allowed in the park aka dog friendly. Paul Kane Park is full of people and their dogs and so will this park even without a dog park. In fact people use the church grounds south of PKP to let their dogs play without a 'formal' space. I also see lots of dogs playing off leash at leg grounds and Ezio Faraone Park.

Other dog friendly attributes to continue to expand on are highly walkable streets (that means less priority on cars), dog friendly restaurants and shopping centres, pet stores (does downtown have one?) and vet clinics (does downtown have one?).

Top ranked dog friendly cities in the US have about 1.4 to 2.0 dog parks per 100,000 people. I believe downtown is covered for a while but like I said above I wish ADC was double the size and the room is there to do it. Edmonton has more than 50 off leash/ dog parks and more are being added by repurposing spaces.

For instance, Oliver is part of the Community League Rink Off-Leash Pilot Project
10326 118 Street NW
Open 7am-10pm Daily
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So the Park will likely be getting fitness equipment, a small off leash area, games tables, 'hard surfaced sport amenity', outdoor gas fireplace integrated into the pavilion building, picnic areas, a sledding mound for toddlers, year-round seating and a playground that 'should be recognized as a playground'.