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Warehouse District Park

I think what has been outlined is very basic, excepting the water feature and what you would expect to see in any new suburban community being constructed. Ho-hum.
Has anyone ever been to Stony Plain's flood rink at Rotary Park or Spruce's Central Park in the Winter time? They flood a track through their park where people can skate along casually and they're a huge hit, I wonder if something like that can be incorporated here.

^Not really. The concepts released were preliminary, to get feedback on a number of directions. All these uses were listed as possibilities.
Yes and no. They were listed. But none of the images showed them and it created a horrible perception on social media of what the park would be. It broke public trust to see tens of millions being spent on grass and trees. The need to do better PR and marketing.
You're in luck.

Full-court basketball or 3 individual hoops for pick-up games ('hard surface sport amenity').
Ornamental four-season water feature (versus flower bed option)
Fitness area.
Sledding mound on open lawn that will create natural amphiteatre.
Off-leash dog zone
Park pavilion with washrooms and potential outdoor fireplace.
:( I think a small water feature like in Paul Kane, or Toronto's upcoming Love Park will make a massive difference in atmosphere. I like the other stuff too, of course. We just need to clear up more parking space...

Off to EDC on September 6th.
Should we expect anything interesting to come out of EDC? And when? I noticed it seems that minutes take quite a while to process!

Edit: I read this
We should be hearing back on this soon, right? September 2022 was preliminary design concept I think.

Here’s a video in case it wasn’t shared on here yet. Gives a good walk through. Really hope we can hit a home run on this one. Transformational potential.

^^^^ That video shows disaster in the making... hoping the improvement over what was originally "leaked" is far, far, far better. But it is not encouraging when the lead landscape architect on the project says that the park will be able to be adaptive to future design improvements over time.