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Municipal Politics

Then why spend tens of thousands of dollars to plant shrubs only to let them die for lack of care and strangulation by quack grass?
I was in Brussels yesterday and love the naturalized areas with wildflowers etc. This was turned into a car-free street and they created dozens of these green areas along the walkway.

Here you can see where they ended the street for cars and where this pedestrian area now exists for several blocks. So impressive.

"“Really, the whole city is screaming, ‘We don’t want this in our mature neighbourhoods,'” she said."

The change doesn’t convince Wanda Banas.

While Edmonton has various plans in the works hoping to encourage more people to ride their bikes and take transit, Banas worries her freedom to drive a car could be curtailed. She sees council’s plans to expand the bike lane network, despite the city’s cold winters, as a signal their priorities don’t align with hers.

“That’s why there’s the mistrust, because you’re doing something that’s illogical because it’s part of some plan that you’re following.”

Her experience with a redevelopment next door also fuels her mistrust. Plans to replace houses with an apartment complex will block sunlight on her property and make it difficult to see around the corner when she’s leaving her driveway.

“I’m going to be sitting in the dark,” she said. “I don’t get sunlight, ever, in the afternoon or evening. Never again … what about my plants? What about my trees? Will they survive?”

“That’s my quality of life, and this was supposed to be my retirement place to live. So I can’t age in place, not anymore, not with any comfort. I have to decide if I have to go somewhere and start over.”

Yeah these people can get bent
It would be nice if they could interview someone who isn't retired for once in one of these articles but I understand they have outrage to farm.
I wish I was an Edmonton Journal contributor because I would write the most pro-urbanist takes to get that angry click/comment traffic.

“Why you should use scooters instead of cars”
“Downtown isn’t what the right makes it out to be”
“Denny’s is overrated”