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Here’s one that has flown under the radar. “Alto” by Pangman. I’ll be honest the design is disappointing and bizarrely suburban for the area but I like the scale.

108 st 76 ave

But nothing about form or function, the fact that it has little set back from the road, little to no surface parking lot?

Not sure if this has been posted but saw on the site above that there's a sign saying Judicial Sale/Review. Can't remember which one but I know Judicial was on the sign.

Is that a good thing?
I haven't been to this location, but to some outside of Edmonton in the past. It is a small town chain, so I suspect coming into the big city is a major adjustment.

Having said that, the locations I have been to in smaller communities are actually quite nice. So I hope they figure it all out and make it here.
Definitely don't have the full grocery selection but it is still quite good. And for using a small floor plate its still quite good. But feels more congested than the Rabbit Hill road one. With Loco moving in down the road it should be quite the interesting battle.
And on the LOCO note. Was there on Sat. I like it. Very open and could give the Italian centre a good run. Was told the 142 st location will be considerably paired down. But the Bank next to the store will become a restaurant. (maybe French).

As well they are moving forward with the plans for the south west side and one in St Albert. (Possibly near the COSTCO)
So maybe Frensons will make a play for St Albert as well.
You can definitely tell that Freson Bros location is not exactly looking to compete with the Safeways of the world in steering people away from their weekly $250 grocery haul, but instead more of a community hub store. The deli/butcher/food service counter takes up a pretty healthy % of the floor plate, in addition to a great seating area with windows that open it into a patio sort of space. Plus they're open 6 am - 11 pm daily.

Stop in for a coffee with a friend or grab a quick lunch, pickup a few essentials or some finer things, and be on your way. Cool strategy, awesome location. So much better than the endless line of fitness places that have opened and closed in that spot.