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Fencing going up in the parking lot on the SE corner of 101st and 104ave.(103a ave)

The lot that's highlighted?
^^ Probably to facilitate construction at the neighbouring property:

Major Development Permit
Reference Id:Job No 453048996-002
Description:To construct a partial demolition and to remove the approved addition to an existing Mixed Use Commercial Development including parkade and Apartment House building; and to construct interior and exterior alterations (facade improvement) to the building; and to construct exterior alterations to the Site (add four concrete planter and bench seating, remove existing curb stops) - amendment to Development Permit number 450353027-002. (City Square Tower)
Location:10020 - 103 AVENUE NW
Plan 9624099 Lot 91A
Status:Tech Rev - More Info Requested
Create Date:2022/11/03
Not sure where to put this, but just south of Edmonton is the new Bear Hills casino that is U/C.

I thought it had a hotel? I guess not.
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From the same group that allowed the now defunct Bear Hills truck stop to fall into disrepair and exist as a mausoleum in perpetuity. What makes them think this venture will be successful…….