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Nice development in Beaumont: "Esprit Living Apartments"



Potential billion+ dollar project I would bet. Not sure where to post this.
Right on. Gibson was building a DRU already out at Hardisty, not sure if it’s done yet but great seeing spurred investment.
That place will be an urban explorer’s dream.
Reference ID:Job No 457081560-002
Description:To construct a 6-Storey 94 Dwelling Multi-unit Housing building with an underground parkade.
Location:10316 - 116 STREET NW
Plan 7261AB Blk 16 Lot 70
10308 - 116 STREET NW
Plan 7261AB Blk 16 Lot 71
11606 - 103 AVENUE NW
Plan 7261AB Blk 16 Lot 72
Applicant:ARC STUDIO
Status:Intake - Payment and More Info Requested
Create Date:12/7/2022 11:25:49 AM
Class of Permit:Class B
Not sure where to put this, but just south of Edmonton is the new Bear Hills casino that is U/C.
Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 9.51.36 AM.png

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