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Misc. Parks and Greenspace Projects

I don't like a lot on the current Council, but I do like him as a Councillor. He has some profile, but is not a headline grabbing show boat like certain others and seems to be fairly effective too.
It's permanent due to issues they had. There were two fences up, one temp and one permanent.
This is the newly finished supporting structure of Whitemud Creek halfway between Snow Valley and Alfred Savage. For most of the work they put a lower of a small layer of rocks while putting a full wall at each end. Today with the creek running somewhat high its already into.the fabric. This will not last long. How does this even pass basic inspection and who.designed it. Sigh.

+I believe it will work. I've seen it done in BC on some of the flood restoration work. Those are willow planted in the netting, which will capture sediment during high water events. But I do remember over a year ago riding in the winter and seeing how deep they went below the creek. That stone will also be good spawning ground for fish.