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Misc. Parks and Greenspace Projects

Yah that stair needs a rebuild. I was cycling through the park this weekend and the work they did for the new bridge is great. That park will look good in a couple of years. However there was on camp with lots of litter. the existing paved MUPs are in need of some repairs. and they should add trees around the amenities building.

Update, It appears they are clearing the camp out. lots of service vehicles and a police vehicle at that end of the bridge.
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Some good news, I just really hope we can repair/maintain the trail network this season... that plus the commitment to returning some of Edmonton’s green spaces to their original state through "naturalization".

City of Edmonton ramping up spring parks, green space maintenance​

I stumbled on this little active park in a small green space just east of the Humanities Building. More of these throughout downtown please.


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Nice update indeed.

Should be good for a another 30 years of preferred making out and drug dealing spot:)

Kidding (sorta). Looks great!