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Gentleperson's Bets

So, let's do another gentleman's bet.

Do you see the following projects starting this year:

-The Shift

If you say yes, give a predicted date you see these projects starting. And by starting I mean demolition of existing structure, excavation ,etc.

My predictions are as follows:

Emerald starts April 24th
The Shift starts October 15
CNIB starts March 20

If anyone else wants to add any potential projects feel free to do so!
@bodsbods9090 , Good idea .

I'm still optimistic and hopeful that our economy doesn't "turtle" further and is able to tread water, and most projects proceed.

-Emerald June 1
-CNIB Aug 5
-The Shift Sept 16

I'll add in 3 more.

-Mezzo Mar 21
-Heally Apr 1st
Alldritt Oct 21
I enjoy these...
I kind of think that Emerald has already started by way of excavation for soils remediation report, but I will say excavation will begin again this month -- January 28
CNIB September 23
The Shift November 4th

Mezzo June 17
SouthPark June 10
Alldritt next year (2020)
I'm with @archited when it comes to the status of the Emerald but i'll throw an official timeline out there of January 21st.
CNIB: August 1st
The Shift: October 7th
Aldritt: October 21
A quick tally of our bets thus far for project starts guessed for the next month or so...

Emerald -
@Swore Jan 21st :(
@archited Jan 28th, 4 days and counting & she's a snowy quiet site, better give them a call!
@Daveography Feb 01st, 5 days, see above!

@Daveography Mar 01st
@bodsbods9090 Mar20th

Tower B -
@Daveography Feb04th
@westcoastjos Mar03rd
@Swore Mar20th :) you get a happy face to cancel out the Emerald