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Why in the heck would they stop at the 3rd floor, what could the rationale for that possibly be? If they did, talk about stomping all over any enthusiasm for the project.
Go back and read a bit. Quailco themsleves said that they would be stopping at the podium level for the 25 storey tower and would re-start the tower in 2025. The 16 storey is going full build out right now.
They have already built past the podium level... the last photo shows them already accommodating 2 floors above the podium level with structural steel and 3 floors past if you look at the core steel. Again, my point is -- why would they stop here between a fifth and a quarter of the proposed height for the 25-storey tower
It would be nice if they can just continue and get this project completed. To me it makes more sense to get these two towers built before the two towers at "The Parks" gets built.
That makes no sense to me... the column arrangement in terms of rebar outlines precisely the form of the second tower and has next to nothing to do with the podium form. You can clearly see the the steel placement for the elevator core of the tower as well. I can't imagine the need for a transfer slab at all. I suspect we will once again have to call on the great investigator @Avenuer to sort out what has been permitted and what has not.
From June 23rd (or so)...
Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 4.07.29 PM.png

And more recently (different view perspective) from August 3rd...
column structures have gone up a floor and steel rebar has gone up two floors with elevator core steel having gone up 3 floors
Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 4.16.28 PM.png

I know that Qualico has had a flurry of enquiries re the towers, has the advantage of long-term tax relief, has the advantage of pre-positioned base structure in place previous to construction start, and has drawn the interest of a "downtown community" development. My guess is that the second tower is a "go" but I can't see an increase in floor count -- again because the soils report delineating footings that were already in place pre-construction for this phase would have been designed for specific loads (horizontal and vertical) that would forgo the possibility of design changes that would add more floors.
A possibility -- there could be a transfer slab for the parking/underground pedway conversion for the next phase that does incorporate a 36-floor tower and maybe Qualico is actively pursuing construction documents for that phase while the favorable winds are blowing? That would make sense to me.
The mid-rise near 101 St, would be 18(roof slab) and then the high-rise near Immigration Hall would be 36. On Qualicos website, the high-rise is TBD with 312 suites so the increase in height and stopping may make sense.

When you look at the crane placement the east crane is to far away to carry on with the 2nd tower right away. Generally only want to be 20-30 feet away from the structure and centered on it to be able to brace once you start jacking the crane up.
@Spd17 you cannot arbitrarily increase the height of a project that has predetermined footings and soil mechanics. There is no way that the 25 storey tower was increased to 36 storeys -- whatever you heard must be related to tower #3. I still contend that tower #2 is progressing apace at 25 storeys.