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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



97 to 101 St. between 104 & 105 Ave.


Station Lands is located at the intersection of downtown Edmonton's arts, entertainment and business districts. It is adjacent to the new Rogers Place arena and ICE District, as well as the all-new Royal Alberta Museum. Nearby are City Hall, Churchill Square and Edmonton's leading venues for art, live music and theatre.

The surrounding city centre is experiencing rapid growth and improvements including: LRT expansion, new hotels, office tower and condominium construction, added restaurants, entertainment and shopping.

EPCOR Tower, completed in 2011, is the first phase of the Station Lands project. Future development calls for a total of 2.5 million SF of office, retail, hotel/condo and restaurant/entertainment opportunities that will appeal to sophisticated tenants.


Site Area 9.15 Acres
Gross Building Area 2.5 million SF
Planned Underground Parking 2,800 stalls
Underground Pedway Construction 2017
Status Phase one complete. Subsequent phases available for development.

Projected on-site population of 15,000 persons per day.

NOTE: This tower is on the same land as the proposed Galleria U of A Theatres and probably depends on whether or not that project goes ahead.


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@bennessb Stationlands was always planned as a long-term build-out. I believe it has been on the books since at least the early 2000s if not the late 1990s. EPCOR tower is the first and only phase built so far. There have been several iterations of tower designs and site plans presented over the years, including one that included the National Portrait Gallery when it was put out to a competition (and subsequently scrapped, still bitter about that), and the most recent incorporating the Galleria concept.
@Daveography It seems that the Kipnes' concept for the Galleria hinges largely on U of A's decision to locate a fine arts component of the campus downtown -- something that I believe would be a very positive decision for both the University and for Edmonton. Education facilities in the City core produce a great deal of cultural energy. Our proposal for Rossdale includes and Architectural School with an Anthropology Wing, an Urban Agriculture School and a Fashion and Graphic Design Institute.
@archited I agree that it would be great, but that's another one where I have to question the business case, this time around the need for more theatrical facilities downtown.

Rossdale would be a fantastic location for a school like that, and that one I could see working much more readily because it's something that doesn't yet exist in Edmonton.

You say "our proposal" which makes me curious who that is and what your proposal looks like. Is any of it public?
@Daveography I can share the Rossdale proposal as far as we have developed it to this point in time. It is simply a VR Massing Model at this time with a written description. Architect Douglas Cardinal (a founding member of our organization -- the Cedar Waxwing Group) is tasked with converting the Massing Model into a full-blown architectural proposal. We have a website under development which should be ready by month's end -- I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I am happy to share what we have.


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Thanks @archited! Very interesting stuff in there, and it pleases me that Douglas Cardinal is involved (also love the organization name - they're one of my favourite birds). We should start a thread about Rossdale soon. I would do it now, but I have my afternoon all planned out already. :)
@Daveography You have my permission to start a thread on the Rossdale Project whenever you like. Our Group is engaged in putting the financing together based on a current Business Plan which we plan to make public shortly. We are not seeking government funds at any level and the land ownership can remain with the City (once the balance is transferred from EPCOR and the transfer agreement is finalized).
@Daveography Good work! We must stay in touch -- contact email: or; phone: 805-500-5314 or (cell) 310-683-8496. We have a project underway in North Hollywood (L.A.) that crosses all of the boundaries between Fruit Winery, Craft Brewery, Cider Distillery and Meadery. Previously, we developed the Craft Brewery "Golden Road" in L.A. recently bought out by Anheuser-Busch. North Hollywood will be "proof of concept" for Rossdale.
This project seems like one that would take MANY years to develop, unless this Qualico company has deep pockets. Also, I find it interesting how this one kinda got swept under the rug (that rug most likely being Ice District) for such a large-scale project :( Also don't get me wrong, I actually like this project, I just hope that they can get it off the ground.
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I assumed that Stationland's was dead but on this survey on Edmonton Insight Community: https://www.edmontoninsightcommunity...e&fromdetect=1 , one of the statement's for North of Civic Precinct was: "• The City will work with the Stationlands development to improve the north-south connections to Chinatown and east-west to the LRT Shared Use Pathway and Mary Burlie Park." Does this mean it is still happening?

I kind of doubt it will look how it currently does... too much office space that they probably won't be able to fill. And the towers should be taller and less "fat"
@MichaelC I think it will still happen over a long period of time, and in a much different form. The entire site is apparently zoned CCA, which is very permissible, so it's unlikely they'll need to get a rezoning done to change plans even drastically.