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What do you think of this project?

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They are one and the same building and it is difficult at this point to say where retail is and isn't -- there is an exterior pedestrian mall between the building under construction and the EPCOR tower that will certainly be all retail.
I actually saw a BCM Developments enclosed trailer a few months ago. No idea if that was still their trailer or what happened to them after Station Pointe went into receivership.
They're kind of still a thing - same or simliar ownership but mainly doing single family residential / duplexes / etc. now from what I understand.
^ Something like that, but what's the spacing between the two residential tower's, they seem tighter.
There are zoning codes/window wall setbacks that deal with that -- off the cuff 3 metres from property lines; 6 metres when doubled up.
Between these, the Parks and the Falcon, how many units are we adding to DT in the near future?
There’s actually a decent amount of new units coming to the downtown area over the next couple of years:
The Parks: 366
Stationlands: 285
Falcon tower: 240
Peak tower residential conversion: 274
That’s 1165 right there not including the second phase of the parks, stationlands and falcon tower, which are all going to be bigger than phase 1 😍
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