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Have to retain it, that's where a fare amount of Mechanical is. The Main Mechanical room is below a bit in that general area.

Interesting for I swear I was told it was going, going, gone.
If they are removing it, they are going about it a little differently. Looks like they are redoing the roof. But why would they demo the building with no back up mechanical room.

The Kitchen Ventilation is out at the Loading dock. But the main HVAC is right there.

Taken Feb 15th
The structural work may start in the next few weeks. Since the glazing is complete. There is a lot of work going on right now reroofing the mechanical room roof around the cooling tower. Lots of workers on site today.
That Hall D roof sure is a waste of space. Why on earth they wouldn't have turned that into a roof top terrace, garden or other usable area is beyond me. It only has the best view in town.

Back when it was approved and contructed, city council's big idea was to D R E A M instead...
Hall D is what prompted Stephen Mandel's "no more crap" mandate as Mayor of Edmonton. A pity that his successors have ignored this.