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Edmonton Branding and Tourism strategy

Exactly! Just blitz every single story out of YEG all over every form of media into YYCsimilar to how YYC pushes everything they do onto our media…..say Global for example…..nothing irks me more then reading a YYC airport article about how “they are busier than expected….etc” in our “local news” section
Yes the World Cup qualifiers were a good example. I have a friend who came from Vancouver here for the game and the way he found out about it was through a billboard ad in Van.
Not sure if this is the right thread. But cool new event coming to Edmonton! Should be a decent tourist draw. And sweet to activate the stadium for the winter!
Edmonton, one of the best equipped city for an airbnb stay

And Calgary is one of the most popular...I'm guessing because of its proximity to Banff.
This pic must be about 8 or 9 years old - I don't see any of the Ice District towers.
Another recent post from ExEd with the AGA under construction and no Epcor Tower. It might seem insignificant to those not in the marketing/comms industry, but up to date collaterals are important, basic elements for any comms plan and confusing for an organization like this to be using stuff that does not showcase our city to the best of its ability. These should be updated every couple of years; there is no excuse for the use of these. But hey, Edmonton.


Cannabis tourism? Really? We like to poo poo our distance from Jasper as a deterrent for increased tourism but I would be willing to bet my money that there is a bigger market for tourists interested in going from Edmonton to Jasper than there is tourists coming to Edmonton for cannabis tourism...whatever that is.

Yikes we are really grasping at straws if this is what we are marketing to draw tourists.

"and proximity to the rocky mountains"!!!

why do we keep up with this nonsense? because it does nothing but take away from those things that are true.

who here would book a holiday in hope, bc because it offers "proximity to sandy salt water beaches on the gulf of georgia"? yet you can get from hope bc to the beach in white rock in less time than it takes to drive from edmonton to edson.
We can walk and chew gum at the same time. I personally like the idea of cannabis tourism. Also in this vein, nightspots can stay open an hour later here than in many other provinces - that is an advantage, we should capitalize on it.