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Edmonton Branding and Tourism strategy

That's like saying Downtown Edmonton could be like Downtown Chicago because it has buildings.

We can mirror elements and aspire to have something more accessible, inviting, inclusive and exciting but it's night and day to compare.
You don't think it could be similar to Chicago's? Why? Add walking trails, concert venues, public art. Borders the water and the downtown skyline.
You would need to hardscape a considerable amount of land from the top of bank and clear a large amount of existing trees and brush as well. Grant Park in Chicago is highly manicured while the river edge along River Valley Road and Victoria Park is quite wild still. The cost involved with all that work, in addition to the public outcry from clearing lots of vegetation in the river valley, would more than likely halt a project of that scale (not that I wouldn't want to see it happen, but it's just not realistic here).

A more viable proposal would be something along the lines of the Riverwalk in Calgary, the Seawall in Vancouver or even the River Landing promenade in Saskatoon.
This would be more of a if Chicagos Maggie Daley Park and Calgary's Princes Island park had a baby, and slap Edmonton on it.
Plus we have alot of golf courses anyway.

Best part, generally golf courses have pathways to navigate those carts and whatnot, just connect those pathways together, slap on some park lights and boom there shouldn't be a bunch of hardscaping for that and its a great date night.

With the existing tree layout already there, each section could mean something different. One section for playground spray park both kids and adults(light up seesaws anyone 😉) another for food truck row, giant ferris wheel, Summer and winter events that fit well without putting in tons of pavement a botanical garden! There so much grass and space that even what I mentioned would take up a fraction of whats there.

not sure there is a right thread and didn’t want to start one…

it’s also a reminder of how important it is not to give up because you didn’t win the first time or didn’t recognize that there’s more than one prize to be gotten. and that does belong in this thread.
You are right in that, we should not ever give up and consider the bigger picture. It's an ongoing struggle.
congrats to calgary:

You know what I feel when looking at this post?

Emptiness, really. I actually want to congratulate Calgary for managing to do that as well. It isn't like we had a chance of getting it anyway with how little we get our foot in the door with investment and diversification. From our perspective Edmonton's foot isn't even there while Calgary's is always kicking the door in when it comes to getting private (and even public) investment. It's funny, really, how much everyone says they "love Edmonton" and how it's "full of potential", yet it appears as though the city government and already established companies consistently turn a blind eye to opportunities to (seriously) promote our city for all its lovely attributes and potential and make Edmonton the most introverted big city in Canada. It isn't even just those at the top.

All of us who reside here, whether we like to shout it out 24/7 or hide it as best as possible, have an inferiority complex about our city. There, I said it. I know that as much as I genuinely like living here, deep down I feel disappointed and even jealous/angry at many things that we're lacking in or failing to achieve, whether it be a diversified economy, densifying our inner city, stopping sprawl, supporting people in need of housing/addictions care, etc.. No matter what, you must agree that it's uncanny to be in downtown, the middle of everything for a region of over 1.4 million people, and see almost nobody in sight. Those you do see often barely getting by in their lives.

So I ask every Edmontonian (myself included): What perfect vision should we really have for our city? Are we always going play the role of the little brother trying to emulate the bigger one's success with a mediocre motivation to do so? Are we going to try harder in the hope of eventually being able to look the other in the eye one day? Or do we throw all our previous notions into the wind, breaking conventions in a family of linear paths and going our own way, the world being attracted by our unique style and confidence on its stage?

The choice is ours to think about on a nice walk in our lovely river valley.
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This is really a provincial government story, and a Doug Schweitzer story. It seems like UCP has bought into downtown Calgary's tale hook, line, and sinker that Calgary is the "office" "white collar" city while Edmonton is the "blue collar" city. UCP really only focuses on hydrogen for Edmonton's economic development. Of course, Edmonton was and is the original tech city, especially with the U of A. Time for UCP to go!!
Exactly! Just blitz every single story out of YEG all over every form of media into YYCsimilar to how YYC pushes everything they do onto our media…..say Global for example…..nothing irks me more then reading a YYC airport article about how “they are busier than expected….etc” in our “local news” section