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Edmonton and the Hydrogen Economy

Good to see the Journal finally picked up this story. I read it first this morning on the Herald. Nothing irks me more than reading YEG news via YYC outlets. I get that they are the same company but…….

Now The Mayor of YYC is jealous of YEG's Hydrogen status and wants her city to grab a slice. Ummmm, what part of the "Industrial Heartland" doesn't she understand? Pretty sure ALL hydrocarbon plants are zoned in this area only in the province. Maybe she thinks she can fill up her empty towers with "Micro hydrogen plants?"
Edmonton has always been very passive when it comes to economic development with a “sharsees” mind set. Calgary has no such delusions it is all about them which is hypocritical when they constantly drape themselves in the Alberta flag. If the UCP win I can imagine them decentralizing the economy like the Conservative did in the eighties. I think the name of the company was Turbo who built a refinery just north of Calgary with the Conservatives blessing. Naturally it went bankrupt
Well, we will need hydrogen fueling stations all across Alberta.

The big thing though, is that the carbon capture and sequestration pipeline is already built here in the Edmonton region, so there won't be an easy way to scale up production anywhere else in the province.
Edmonton area also has the skilled labour, the mod yards, the fab shops, the vessel builders… Now, all of that is relatively mobile and doesn’t mean it all can’t be shipped 300km down the highway, but it positions Edmonton just all that much better.

What Edmonton really needs to focus on is attracting the white collar aspects of this potential hydrogen boom. Get some of the involved engineers, analysts, planners, accountants, marketers, managers, etc.