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There's some media interviews today you'll see in local news. Puneeta was conservative and said street can accommodate 50-60 vendors. LRT construction is going to be a challenge to the layout but I'm hopeful there will be demand and we can figure things out.
Will definitely be tricky. When 102 ave is closed for LRT construction, all the residents from Icon 1/2 & The Century will require alley access next to Michael Phair park, which further cuts down vendor space on 104th.
If there weren't probably six hundred legal, code, cost, etc. reasons for this to not work, a temporary pedestrian bridge over 102 ave on 104 st when LRT construction commences would be pretty slick.

Oh yes I believe this is by the Seoul Fried Chicken people and is opening beside their 104 St location in the adjacent unit of the same building.
For the bar under SFC

Reference ID:Job No 500221507-002
Description:To install (1) Projecting Sign(s) not in the form of a Roof Sign limited to On-premises Advertising (Nabi Bar)
Location:10145 - 104 STREET NW
Plan NB1 Blk 3 Lot 162
Status:Intake Review
Create Date:2024-02-07T13:56:37Z