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Yellowhead Trail Upgrades

is Northgate moving their massive manufacturing facility from there?
Yeah they've already moved out and consolidated into their Acheson facility.
Eastbound sign said starting November 18, take exit to access 149 St, 142 St, and St Albert Trail.

No left turn onto 127 St. That was a very busy left turn before and I didn't see a designated detour route.
156 St to St Albert Trail


St Albert Trail to 97 St

Why doesn’t the presser say anything as to “why” the lane changes? Are they scared to say it’s for a new “overpass?”
How about Wop May Trail and Blatchford Trail for 121 St and 107 St respectively?
Naming things after white people is... not in fashion these days, to put it mildly.

Looked at the 66 St interchange and while I'm miffed about the lack of an E-S off-ramp, at least the sidewalk is being removed and the merge lane is being lengthened through the LRT underpass. That was just unsafe for all users.
Naming things after white people should be OK as long as they're not colonial racists.
In any case, 121 St and 107 St require different names if they'll be connecting to the Yellowhead via 115 St.
It makes a whole lot of sense, but as we all know the City of Edmonton doesn't work that way.
We can avoid any future controversies by not naming anything after people at all regardless of their ethnicity or societal status. To me it seems silly that we still name things after people in 2023.

We can find names for those roads that having to do with people.
Duh....of course....they're re-doing the entire Yellowhead......thanks for the head
They aren't, Standard General was prime for the 156-St Alb Trail segment. There is still the 66th st YHT crossing as well to do which I believe goes to tender next year.

I do find it interesting that PCL seems to have little interest in any big $ private sector jobs around here and instead have been doing a lot of the more technically complex public sector work (Fort Road, Lewis Farms rec centre, Goldbar WWTP upgrades, Windemere fire station, this project).