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Who's Laughing

From the Post...
Miguel Medina / AFP via Getty Images
Meanwhile, at Fashion Week in Milan, life goes on for those who have closets big enough to hang creations like this. It's not even practical, as there's no doubt those strings are waaaay out of tune.
From the National Post...
Julien de Rosa / AFP via Getty Images
We could be the first to report the decapitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin ... but that would be incorrect. Here a staff member of the Grevin museum in Paris puts a wax version of his head on the shelf so no one has to look at it.
From the National Post...
AFP Photo / KCNA via KNS
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un: "And then I said, 'Is that an intercontinental ballistic missile on my launchpad or am I just unhappy to see you?"
Generals and assorted flunkies: (Uproarious, exaggerated laughter)
I have tackled Planners without Mercy in past posts. Here's one that they will enjoy... (note: there is a podcast buried within)
Hmmmm... they're right I do look like a bit of an ass!
Sam Panthaky / AFP via Getty Images
From the National Post...
North Korean Central News Agency via Reuters
You'll recognize our old friend (not really) Kim Jong-Un in this shot as he watches
a military parade to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in Pyongyang. We're not sure who his colleagues are, but they sure are be-medalled. Given that fighting in the Korean War ended 69 years ago, we can only imagine they were child soldiers, or they earned these chest decorations for more recent acts, such as unparalleled sycophancy, dictator worship, best countdown to a missile strike on innocent fish in the Sea of Japan, or medal arranging, best in show. It's likely harder than it looks.
"Canada, someone once observed, is a country that likes to be invited to all the fancy international events, but somehow always manages to be in the bathroom when the cheque comes around at the end of the evening." — Matt Gurney, on Canada's defence spending.
To which I am grateful for. Not very fond of my tax dollars being spent on military budget expansions

Edit: upon reading the full article, a few questions arise:
1 - why does an American senator feels like he's entitled an opinion on what we decide internally, as a nation? Does the US have enough issues of their own to handle?

2 - Why does the US do most of the heavy lifting for NATO, etc..? Well, maybe, just maybe, because they are the ones who always go out and create trouble all across the globe, bringing tons of "democracy" in the form of Humvees, F-22s and Aircraft Carriers, in the first place? (And only when and where it's convenient for them... No issues with bloody dictatorships as long as their pretty little oil and dollars flow into the US... Then they become a valued ally).
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