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Upper Vista Towers | 108m | 33s | EverTrust

^if it is indeed a rental project, I predict most of those "amenities" will be trashed with a year.
Also, whoops.


'To provide customers with the greatest value at the highest standard, Dr. Ted (Jiancheng) Zhou created his own licensed construction company, TQC Construction Group, exemplifying the principles of Total Quality Control. TQC Construction Group is a registered Tarion builder with an HCRA license, positioned to provide customers with excellence in quality and commanding the construction process to a masterful degree. TQC's primary focus is to become the first zero-deficiency builder, whereby trades and an in-house renovation team address all construction matters and a designated internal inspection team assists to ensure construction is completed safely, efficiently and of the utmost quality.'

"the elevation made it possible to conform to building code requirements for maximum glazing allowed on facade"

Very curious as to how this was accomplished?

If this developer has found a way to create this kind of product in an affordable manner, I daresay they will have a significant competitive advantage.
Unless they're building these on spec, there's not a chance in hell that they hit their presale requirements.
Rumor was that they were being built on spec. The developer is bullish on Edmonton and has several sites. Wants to build as soon as possible. Timing could be quite good on this if immigration numbers keep increasing.
Their page really feels like they're trying to sell to out-of-towners who don't know much about Edmonton. Trying to pick up on the outflow from Ontario and BC?
It seems like that, but it could actually be a really good idea. Prices in those markets are so high that they would be willing to pay more than local buyers and it seems like a fairly nice building that would appeal to someone wanting something fairly nice at what for them could be a good price.