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This is my favorite development going up in the city, so glad to see it starting to come together. This in combination with the Warehouse District Central Park will turn this area of the city into one of the best from an urbanist design perspective, and get rid a big chunk of the downtown parking blight!
From the picture that CplKlinger posted it might seem like there’s not a lot of windows on the left side of the tower but that’s because that part will have its first 12 floors covered with the mid rise building. After the 12th floor we will see a lot more windows I’m sure. I have a feeling this building is going to look great and I can’t wait to see some glass and cladding start to go in 🤩
Hmmmm have they reduced that mid-rise podium down to 2 storeys or how will it integrate given those windows facing south? Odd.
Does anyone know what type of businesses will be at the bottom? Certain businesses are really great for vibrancy and street life while others tend to sap it away. Hoping we see more cafe's, restaurants and grocery stores here, and less banks. Especially on the side that will face the Warehouse Park directly.