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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Developer's highrises would add 800 residential units to downtown Edmonton

Despite Alberta’s economic downturn, two Edmonton developers are starting plans for a project that could see four residential towers about 28 storeys tall built downtown.

But the ambitious development is also proposed for land where unique Spanish-style apartments now sit.

The development would likely include two towers, each about 85 to 90 metres high, on Jasper Avenue east of 108th Street, and two similar-size towers north of Jasper on 108th Street, said Kevin McKee, president of Pangman Development Corp.

Each pair of towers would be linked by a two- or three-storey base with commercial space, and the total project would contain approximately 800 units, said McKee, whose firm is acting as development manager for owners John Day and Maclab Enterprises.

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)
Edmonton's El Mirador's future uncertain
When people talk about the El Mirador apartments they always mention the inner courtyard.

“It’s a sunny, beautiful place to be in,” says Chris Vander Hoek, a former resident and intern architect.

“The architecture is that pueblo, almost Mexican style with the terra cotta,” he says.

“When you walk into the courtyard you’re transported to a different place.”

The three-storey walk up on 108 Street was built in 1936, and has long occupied a unique spot in the city. But news broke this week there are plans to build residential towers on the site, though there’s been no decision about the El Mirador’s fate.

Kathryn Ivany, the city archivist, hopes they’re able to save it.

Full Story (Metro Edmonton)
Residents contemplate how to save Edmonton's El Mirador
How to save an old building in Edmonton is a question that comes up a lot in the city. And it’s one organizer Stephanie Pierce will pose on Monday night about the historic El Mirador apartments in downtown Edmonton.

Pierce and Zulfikar Kaba have organized an awareness night about the potential destruction of the 50 year old El Mirador. Pierce, a former resident, hopes that residents and community members can start the conversation to find a solution to save the apartments.

“We’d like to create more of a movement around the issue,” said Pierce.

The apartments, built in 1936, are at risk of being torn down in favour of residential high rise apartments. Though city council has not made a decision on the zoning, the city has a bad history of tearing down old in favour of new. The Etzio, a 116 year old building, on Whyte Avenue was torn down in April, the BMO Building downtown was torn down in March 2012, and the Leamington Mansions were lost to a fire just this past fall.

Full Story (Metro Edmonton)
Paula Simons: Three developers, two towers, one more plan to fix Jasper Avenue
The northeast corner of Jasper Avenue and 108 Street is no beauty spot.

Despite all the glossy redevelopment on the four corners of 109 Street, despite all the millions of public dollars poured into the artsy refurbishing of Capital Boulevard, that corner remains a pocket of urban blight in the heart of the downtown core.

Now, three prominent local Edmonton business interests —the Maclab Development Group, Pangman Developments and John Day Developments — have gone public with a new plan to raze and remake most of the block.

They’re preparing to ask city council to rezone 60,000 square feet of land to allow construction of two high-rise towers set atop retail podiums.

The preliminary design from Dialog Architects shows a 35-storey tower facing Capital Boulevard and an even taller 45-storey tower facing Jasper Avenue. There would be 1,050 residential units.

Kevin McKee, CEO of Pangman Developments, said they plan a mix of apartments and condominiums, with an emphasis on rental units.

Ian O'Donnell‏ @IanOyeg
Pre-Application Consultation Notice for Jasper/108 Street. -120-150m -~1050 residential units with a diverse variety of units - active commercial frontages - pedestrian links to the forthcoming central park

  • FAR 15
  • Up to 1050 units
  • 2x towers up to 150m and 900m2 floorplate
  • 45m midrise between towers with stepbacks at 10th and 11th floors (think terracing)
  • 100 m2 outdoor space on SW corner
  • Min. 509 residential parking spaces
  • Min. 7 non-residential (i.e., commercial) parking spaces
  • Max. 970 parking spaces
  • Resident and short-term bicycle parking provided (though amount is unclear from DC2 text wording)
  • 3% family-oriented dwellings
  • Removal of existing Corona Station entrance to be replaced with new entry integrated into SE corner of the development.

I actually got a glimpse at the latest renderings a couple of months ago. Definitely looked high quality. Loss of El Mirador is still a shame, though.
This project will be an interesting one. I don't see it moving forward anytime before the Augustana Redevelopment is done but I do find it pretty cool. Maclab John Day partnership will definitely be interesting!