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Prognostication is Free

Towards Climate solutions...
Speaking of renewables, I wonder if the current Russian invasion will light a fire under the feet of European leaders regarding the need to go green. They're trying to get away from Russian gas, so you think they'd want a way to generate their own energy instead of just becoming reliant on a different group of foreign powers.
^^^^ Germany is leading the world in green energy production and is developing an excellent model for other countries to follow.
More detail on the Feb. 25th post -- I reiterate -- this could be a great solution for highway 2 south from Edmonton -- solar panels covering the roadway. It would serve multiple purposes: 1. solar power generation (could also be combined with wind turbines), 2. Roadway weather protection thereby eliminating weather as a factor in driving, and 3. OLED illumination and signage information. If we really wanted to get creative, we could also add in an aerial rail conveyance.
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C'mon Edmonton -- seriously -- let's get in the game before we end up last to the dance.
and the change is coming through governing agencies.
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I really enjoy this YouTube site Climate Town.

Check out the episodes on fast fashion and suburbia - he is very entertaining in presenting his info, which is well researched.

With the Ukraine Crisis, there's a lot of talk that Canada should have built more pipelines or if only we had keystone XL etc. And the world needs Canada's oil. I prefer this take in the video below - it makes better sense to me.