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Prognostication is Free

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What do you guys think about these changes that Ontario is considering to boost housing density?

"The task force's proposed changes would lessen the power that cities have over housing developments by giving the province the authority to impose standards related to zoning, density and urban design.

'The way housing is approved and built was designed for a different era," Lawrence writes. "The balance has swung too far in favour of lengthy consultations, bureaucratic red tape and costly appeals.'

Some of the report's key recommendations:

-Increase density in neighbourhoods zoned exclusively for single-family homes.

-Repeal municipal policies that focus on preserving a neighbourhood's character.

-Set uniform provincial standards for urban design, including building shadows and setbacks.

-Limit the time spent consulting the public on housing developments.

-Legislate timelines for development approvals, and if the municipality misses the deadline, the project gets an automatic green light.

Immediate reforms could be in place before Ontario's provincial election on June 2. Ford's Progressive Conservatives intend to bring in legislation responding to the task force report during the upcoming sitting of Queen's Park, a senior government official told CBC News."

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