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Old Strathcona / Whyte Avenue

To be bluntly honest, I had no clue such a place existed and I'm definitely not an antique shopper.
It was a really unique place and hidden gem. We would stop by walking to Whyte from Downtown and as mentioned, always had thoughts of it becoming more of a community hub.
The Public Realm Strategy team sent an email today:

We hope you have had a pleasant start to 2024! We appreciate everyone’s interest in the Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy and your patience since our last update.

The draft Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy is ready!

The draft strategy, containing the key actions, the overall public realm concept and recommended improvements based on the engagement input gathered last year, is ready and posted on our webpage.

We invite you to review the strategy in preparation for our third and final round of engagement.

Phase 3 Engagement - March 2024

Phase 3 engagement is targeted for next month. We will follow up soon with more information about the different ways you can participate and share your input.

Thank you for your ongoing interest. We look forward to connecting again in the coming weeks! Reach out if you have any questions in the meantime.

Bring on purple, articulated street cars!


Also, bring on these towers!
Make it make sense, man... The city seems to intentionally play against itself... No wonder it's so hard to attract businesses to our more urban areas, with the city seemingly making everything in its power to make it harder for them to survive.
That's unfortunate and disappointing given everything.

What I don't get is how the city's and business's information and expectations were so different. You can plan for change, but not for stupidity.

Here's hoping a middle ground and some common sense can be found.