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Old Strathcona / Whyte Avenue

The building that used to house Cally's Teas (10151) is now an events space

wonder what, if any, correlation could be made between the almost impossible task of finding a true family doctor and the rise of all these medi clinics. I'm 70, my doctor retired last year and I still can't find a doctor that is accepting new patients. (edit:...I live Oliver, there are some doctors in the far flung 'burbs but that's not much help to me. end edit) (edit-edit....sorry for the derail... please continue)
Yup ... same here - dumped on the street after mine retired. Also looking downtown/Oliver. Looking for one that is actually taking patients kong term and not a doc in the box medi place.
I dont want to be negative, but walked down the full length of Whyte Ave for the first time in quite a while and what a sorry state it seemed to have been in... possibly worst I've seen it since I've moved here. Litter and tags everywhere, tons of for lease signs
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Whyte ave better not turn into another 118 ave or we will have to all go to Crapents of Windermere on friday nights
Or even worse CALGARY

Also Whyte ave in winter can get Bad
maybe In the Summer it will improve again
Heading down tomorrow for an afternoon of exploration. Will report back.
Please do. Maybe without the crowds it was easier for me to notice all the crappy bits and that's colouring things... but I mean for one of the busiest shopping days of the year I didn't expect it to be quite so dead to begin with either...
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I went on Saturday, after being away for the past 4 months. Foot traffic was not amazing, but steady. All the shops we went into were busy tho, and farmers market looked like it sold out a lot of items.

Did not notice much riff raff - seemed to be less than this past summer. There was a Jesus guy on a mega phone who was killing the vibe at gateway and whyte. I called in the noise disturbance, which seemed to solve the issue within 15 minutes.

Definitely noticeable for lease vacancies, but also a number of new shops. I do find it interesting that Whyte seems to have a higher proportion of menswear places now, whereas the female options are lacking.

Whyte is still in Flux, with promising new shops opening and the marginal shops letting go. I think all in all it is progres from where we were in covid.

It was dead because winter and its tuesday

Go to WEM and tell me it's just a normal Tuesday. Lots of people have this particular Tuesday off. It's also been exceptionally mild so the weather argument doesn't really work. Anyway I was on Whyte today and it seemed... fine. Not crazy busy but not dead. Could be busier for sure.
Yes, Whyte Ave is is transition with various new things gradually filling empty spaces. The middle of the winter is never the busiest time, although this year probably not as bad because of the milder weather.

It doesn't really have the type of places that attract hordes of boxing day shoppers and maybe we really don't want an H&M or Best Buy there.