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Municipal Politics

God help us with this election... if I could vote I'd vote for a potato over Mike Nickel, because at least that potato will have better takes on city planning and treat it's co-workers with respect.
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Honestly, I'm hoping whoever the front runner becomes has a focus and densification and mass transit and doesn't veer towards "sprawlathon 2022". I do like Cheryl Watson and her views regarding economic diversification. If Sohi does run then I won't be too fussed but I would need to see what his platform would be.

I do hope that the inertia for densification and slowing down sprawl in the city continues regardless of who gets into council.

Except for Nickel.

The guy is as useful and effective as a real life nickel. Outdated, rusty and frankly forgettable.
Nobody's ever accused Mr. Caterina of having great judgement or foresight
Nobody has ever accused Mr Caterina of anything, because he doesn't do anything to be accused of. In fact, he doesn't do anything at all. Ever.

except hire his kid to work in his office, paid for by public purse
Actually I do hope that Caterina runs in the downtown ward precinct and that Nickel runs for Mayor -- that way they both will lose and we will have gotten rid of two pieces of Council deadwood. I hope that the electorate really pays attention to qualifications, ideas and platforms this round and not merely name recognition. There are already two good mayoral candidates in Cheryll Watson and Amarjeet Sohi.
There are already two good mayoral candidates in Cheryll Watson and Amarjeet Sohi.

Thanks @archited. I checked out Watson's campaign website and a few youtube videos of her speaking. I'm impressed. Definitely a credible new candidate to consider I think. And she grew up in Beverly - a northside girl and proud of it!

She's looking for input on her site about what matters to Edmontonians most this upcoming election and our future.
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I had a look over Nickel's issues with Edmonton on his campaign page. For all his talk over the years about being 'fiscally responsible' I love how he's still advocating for "rethinking" the Valley Line West. I guess fiscal conservatism doesn't apply to all the money already spent on the years worth of studies, planning, public relations, consultation, utilities realignments, tree cutting, appropriation, demolition, etc. And I mean, seriously, even if he gets into office (God forbid) what's he gonna do? The election's in October and Valley West will already be under serious construction by that point, no? I thought UCP types like him are all about 'creating jobs for the working man' — what, he's going to lay them off?

That's the thing I hate most about good ol' Mike. He's not a visionary — he's a regressive. Whether you like Iveson or not and whether you approve of his mayorship or not, it's hard to argue that he hasn't had some kind of a vision. To him anyways, he's tried to make Edmonton a more urban city, with heavy focus on public transit, multi-modal transportation, and a continued investment downtown. And again, whether or not you think he succeeded or is just riding off of Mandel's heavy-lifting, that's basically been his stated goal. But what does Nickel stand for? I honestly couldn't say. All I know is that he's against things. Against photo-radar, against bike lanes, against LRT, against lower speed limits, against a better more all-inclusive, urban Edmonton.