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CWB Place renovations are almost done.
The former Crunch Fitness space is almost ready to open but it will be for building tenants only.




Interesting. From what I can see, it is pretty much as Crunch left it, lots of good equipment already/still there so I suppose this makes sense and easily provides an additional amenity to tenants.
Will you accept packrafting chat requests on Whitemud Creek or the NSR? It's that time of the year almost!

I feel like Whitemud is going to be a no-go this year, way too dry. Definitely want to try to hit the river again soon, though.
^ I can't emphasize how important it is to get the entire strip of no man's land north of downtown developed. It plays a huge role into why our downtown has been underperforming compared to other cities in Canada.

BTW, if any of you haven't yet, go take a walk down Columbia Blvd. (105 Ave.) The changes that have happened in the area of the image above have been incredible! The massing for the new buildings look good.
I saw a blurb on LinkedIn about Atco renovating their old buildings in DT YYC but within that blurb was a mention about how "they are re-developing this lot.
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Fire & Flower filles for CCAA protection which probably won't turn out well for Couchd-Tarde or anyone else involved.
I have never understood the cannabis retail market. Near invisible margins, insane competition from both legal AND blackmarket, heavy gov't regulations kill most ability to have competitive advantage, etc. They're all in a marathon to see who can go the furthest before bleeding out.
Random things I heard this morning from someone at Triovest:
  • $40M in additional renos are coming to ATB Place. I didn't get a chance to see the plans myself, but they will be public soon enough, set to coincide with a major lease renewal.
  • Bodega is or was in talks to take the retail space in 103 Street Centre. Unsure if that's still true or if that has fallen through.
  • CWB is proceeding with their new office at Connect Centre, but grudgingly so at this point (everything was signed before the office market recovery came to an unexpected halt). From what I gathered, it's going to proceed as slow as it possibly can.
The big CRE firms are trying to find a delicate balance of investing in their aging properties just enough to keep existing tenants from moving out, but know that their chances of filling already vacant space are nil for the foreseeable future.
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Maybe some sort of shared use eventually between a cafe/restaurant and a small EPS office to help keep order in the area.
Despite all the recent hot air from politicians, you actually still seldom see police much downtown recently, unless they are responding to a particular incident.

What an idea - actually having something permanent presence in a central location with known issues, however probably far too sensible for the EPS or the city to actually do.
$40m? That sounds like a reclad incoming…