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There might be a few people here that find a SAIT project interesting, but I think for the most part not.

What I feel really irks Edmontonians sometimes is we get the news about other places shoved down our throats, while our city often gets ignored by the media elsewhere.
Might be the final fly through video for Fountain Park Pool upgrade in St Albert. If you watch the May Video from last year you can see how this facility has changed. Also the Pool web site explains the reasons for the 14 month closure.
Reference ID:Job No 470512228-002
Description:To install (2) Fascia On-Premises Signs (EDMONTON UNLIMITED)
Location:10107 - JASPER AVENUE NW
Plan NB Blk 1 Lots 81-83
Create Date:2023-04-27T08:18:09Z
Issue Date:2023-05-03T00:00:00Z
Class of Permit:Class A
Commerce Place yesterday afternoon.

The escalator renovations/replacement should be done soon.


Either there's a new swimwear shop called Offshores that is opening soon, or it's just the old swimwear shop that closed down a few years ago.


This one piqued my interest since I'm triggered by any mention of parkades it seems, but this seems like a positive change:
To change the a portion of a Multi-Unit Housing development parkade, to a Bar and Neighbourhood Pub (47 seats), Minor Amusement Establishment, Indoor Participant Recreation Service (VR Activity), and construct exterior alterations (new NW entryway, windows, doors, and feature Canopy along 100 Avenue) and interior alterations (convert pool into new parking area in basement level)(Claire Estates).
@JNO1 I imagine that they are still refining construction documents relative to a final design concept. I would expect a fall start at the earliest.