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Kinistinâw Park

One other shot taken today September 24, 2020
I truly hope this park doesn't get tagged with graffiti and damaged immediately after opening to the public, as that is a definite risk given the area.
as someone who spends time in the area graffiti and willful damage are much less prevalent than vagrancy, litter, drug paraphernalia and detritus, an obvious lack of washrooms - a world where a large cardboard box that can be used as a mobile apartment is a prized possession. most taggers are teens, most are male, most are still living at home and graffiti is their form of rebellion. those who are homeless are at the end of a very different pipeline and there will be no cure for homelessness until we manage to stop feeding the pipeline. as taggers rely on stealth, one might speculate that the increase in homelessness has seen them move elsewhere.