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Kinistinâw Park


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Share your vision for Kinistinaw Park
October 31, 2016

Kinistinâw Park is a new park planned in The Quarters Downtown. The City of Edmonton invites residents and business owners in The Quarters and Boyle Street areas to come to a public meeting to provide feedback on how to make Kinistinâw Park a vibrant and safe year-round community gathering place. The future park will be located along 96 Street between 102A and 103A Avenues.

Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Time: 7 - 8:30 p.m.
Location: Boyle Street Plaza, 9538-103A Avenue

For more information:

Media contact:
Mary-Ann Thurber
Communications Advisor
City of Edmonton
Moving ahead with the park on The Armature:

Reference ID: Job No 270141388-001
Description: To construct a Public Park
Location: 10245 - 96 STREET NW
Plan 1722221 Blk 8 Lot 24
Applicant: DIALOG
Status: New
Create Date:12/14/2017 8:55:41 AM
Neighbourhood: BOYLE STREET
City council set to approve $6 million for new park in overhaul of The Quarters
Edmonton’s city council is set to approve an additional $6 million for a new park in The Quarters as the redevelopment continues to creep forward.

The borrowing bill goes before council Tuesday.

The park — with a grassy area, plaza and snazzy red tent-like shelters — will run along the new pedestrian way on the east side of 96 Street north of Jasper Avenue.

The city is funding upgrades to east downtown through a provincial tax-levy system, which lets Edmonton borrow against future local tax increases to upgrade sewers, roads and public spaces.

Approved in 2013, so far the redevelopment has weathered the economic downturn and is still on track to meet at least the lowest revenue projections, said city director Mary Ann Debrinski. “We are tracking according to our original projections,” she said, speaking to a written update released to council Thursday.

Over 20 years, increased taxes in The Quarters are expected to yield at least $149 million, which will cover the debt Edmonton took on for all improvements so far.

Part of the tax increase collected so far is from new buildings. The rest comes simply because the vacant lots in this area are starting to be worth more on the open market. Their increased paper value increases the taxes owed to the city.

“The value of the land in The Quarters is doing quite well,” said Debrinski. “There’s a lot of optimism.”


Edmonton city council is expected on Tuesday to approve an expenditure of $6 million to fund construction of Phase 1 of Kinistinaw Park in The Quarters. DIALOGUE DESIGN

The name of the new park, Kinistinaw, is a nod to the heritage of the area. 96 Street used to be called Kinistino Avenue, an anglicized version of the Cree words “we three.” It was a reference to the original function as a gathering place, said Debrinski.

The Quarters area, or Boyle Street, as most of the neighbourhood is called, has traditionally been a place where many waves of newcomers lived first as they settled and made Edmonton their home.

The neighbourhood park is meant to be a flexible space with grass at the south end and a water feature to be built as part of Phase 2 at the north end.
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B.5. 19:45 Kinistinaw Park (Development Permit)
10245 96 Street NW
Chelsea Whitty - Dialog Design
MOVED: A. Rowe Motion of support with conditions.
The Committee requires the Applicant to address the following conditions, through an Administrative Walk-on:
● Strongly consider the inclusion of coniferous tree planting in this park to provide winter colour and interest.
● Provide details, to the satisfaction of the Committee, of lighting, custom seating and canopy. In the case of the canopy, provide architectural drawings and three-dimensional models (digital or physical) which illustrate the overall design of canopy, connection and other fabrication details, integration of lighting and public art, and the manner in which runoff is directed to adjacent planting beds.
● Provide material board including (but not limited to) canopy, wood species / finishes (decking and benches) and play surfacing.
SECONDED: S. Kaznacheeva
FOR THE MOTION: R. Labonte, C. Craig, T. Antoniuk, D. Deshpande, S. Kaznacheeva, A. Rowe, A. Zepp
C.2. Kinistinaw Park (Development Permit)
Jill Robertson DIALOG
J. Mills left the meeting due to a conflict.

MOVED: D. Brown
In order to contribute to yearround interest and activation, the Committee strongly recommends that Administration reconsider the extreme reduction in coniferous trees within the park space. It is the opinion of the Committee that careful species selection can accommodate these design goals without compromising CPTED principles.

SECONDED: M. Figueira
FOR THE MOTION: M. Figueira, W. Sims, T. Antoniuk, S. Kaznacheeva, A. Zepp, C. Holmes, B. Nolan, D. Brown
Permit Date Feb 12, 2019
Status In Progress
Description of Development To construct a Public Park (Kinistinaw Park - Phase one)
Address 10245 - 96 STREET NW
Legal Description Plan 1722221 Blk 8 Lot 24
Neighbourhood BOYLE STREET
Neighbourhood Classification Central Core
Ward Ward 6
Zoning DC1, DC1