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Jasper Avenue New Vision / Imagine Jasper Avenue

I've just read through this thread after a lengthy absence, and I find myself pretty conflicted. On the one hand, the new sidewalks are well designed and look good, but have to be properly maintained as many have pointed out. On the other hand, it's underwhelming. That promotional photo on the city's twitter looks absolutely grim, which I'm sure wasn't their intention. It's more of the same.

About a week ago there was a letter to the editor in the Journal which, if I recall correctly, said that the next city council needs less vision. I scoffed aloud when I read it. I'm a big fan of public transportation, especially trains. Trains are cool in a way that buses can never be. Eliminating traffic lanes and replacing them with a central BRT reservation along the length of Jasper Avenue (and other major avenues near the core) could be a reasonable first step towards my ultimate dream of streetcars in central Edmonton. Protected bike lanes too, running adjacent to the sidewalk. We need more vision, clearly, not less.

It really is getting roasted - and from outside the city again, too. It's almost like the feedback on the downtown library.

We know where our priorities continue to be - a place for cars, not for people. As a city with the highest carbon footprint per capita in Canada (Edmonton 18-19 tonnes per person versus Calgary 14 and Vancouver 6), it's unfortunate we didn't go bolder with this plan at this time. Transportation, vehicle emissions, accounts for the biggest chunk of our total at 31%.
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I think I've changed my mind on wanting this project to be completed all the way to 124 street much sooner than it's going to be. With a year off construction in 2022 and a new council, maybe the rest of Jasper can be improved upon beyond what is here and then we only have to partially redo the five blocks that were just done. 😄
Jasper Ave from 100 St to 97 St is mostly done now as of this afternoon. Mind you, I was driving EB so I'll need to see what WB is like.
They still have to complete the changes from 97 to 96 St plus the 1 block north on 97 St - not sure when that will be finished.
I like the new streetscape and think it's a solid first step in the kind-of direction we want roads like Jasper ave to go, being less of a thoroughfare for cars to pass through and more of a pedestrian and transit connector. Over time I think less lanes for cars and more space for bikers, rollers and bus dedication will come, but baby steps first! Unfortunately there is still to much influence from the private vehicle demographic along this road, but hopefully projects like this can change people's minds over time.
I think the streetscape is a huge improvement, but could have been mostly 5 lanes with off-peak parking. Oliver CL pushed really hard, but Transportation was adamant about this being a major arterial for Downtown. I'm torn, seeing how hard it has been to get Downtown this summer. Overall I'm very pleased at how quickly PCL did the project and really looking forward to the rest toward 124 st being completed.
(a) 7 days a week doesn’t mean people don’t have days off. everything from grocery and big box stores and malls to hospitals and airports all have 7 day norms and many of them operate multiple shifts per day operating the same stations and/or equipment.

(b) suggesting improvements in how things could be done is more than just botching and complaining and in most cases is rendered quite calmly.
I can't disagree with both your points.

I come from the side of being Contract administrator and Engineer on a lot of municipal rehabilitation projects and so recognise the frustrations of public during construction. I also think I understand how contractors plan their construction schedules. Nothing is perfect but I think on Jasper they did a pretty good job of keeping the road open and completing deep utility replacements and upgrades under relentless scrutiny. (I am not connected to the project at all.)

My suggestion for completing this type of project more quickly is to shut down the road completely and allow the full width of the ROW to be constructed at the same time which would also give a better product and be more efficient with materials.....good luck with that though!
Both good comments.

I'm fine with what we see there for it is much improved and functional for most commuters/users.

We have 102 Avenue and 100Ave for calmed, mixed modal/use and need Jasper to be able to have decent capacity to function, sorry folks, we do.
No, we don't. :)