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ICE Tower

For context 200m would be somewhat taller than Marriott, 252m would be barely taller than Stantec and 300m would be taller than anything Toronto has currently, save the CN Tower. I expect it would be in the range between Marriott and Stantec. The term "ultra tall" gets tossed around fairly loosely but it is a standard that includes buildings over 300m (as 'O' has noted).
I'd be happy with 160-180m in that location.
Hopefully they get Dub to design this one as well, Encore is an amazing looking building.
I honestly want to see more 200+ towers in Edmonton, but 160-180 would be good, especially west of ICE District, to start helping smooth the transition, on the skyline.
Other posters have said that "ultra-tall" likely means taller than Encore, that seems to make sense to me. I'm hoping >150m at least, that would officially make it Edmonton's third skyscraper, and third tallest building (at least unless the Motors Lands and J 115 end up happening). I kind of hope it isn't taller than JW as there's currently a big gap in the skyline between the JW, Stantec and everything else so the skyline almost looks flat, with a ton of buildings just under 150 m and then the two big ones standing out. Hoping maybe 160 to 170 metres, that seems reasonable enough to happen but tall enough to make an impact.
In early 2024 I am told.
Are you now?

I'm told that this is 3-5years out at a minimum.

IanO - the developers IG account posted (extract below) 20 hours ago but you seem to think nothing is happening for many years. What is your source?


We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of a prime site on the corner of 104 St and 103 Ave, the future home of our Ice Tower, right in the heart of downtown edmonton 🌇 We have exciting plans for use of the current building, with more information to be released in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more information in this exciting location!​

20h ago.
This is not really a new acquisition, has some other temporary plans in the works, would need rezoning and was told that earlier this year.

Now, things can change, plans evolve, timelines accelerated, but given construction costs, how busy they are with other projects and market fundamentals for both condo and rental concrete high-rise questionable, this seems like it might be a bit dated.