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Homelessness, Addiction and Mental Health

I'd like to see more indigenous-led housing.
Check out NiGiNan Housing Ventures. They run Ambrose Place and Omamoo Wango Gamik. The two gold standard permanent supportive living facilities in the city for folks that have been street involved. They are opening their first shelter/supportive living facility in the Sands later this week. The thing is we need 20 more of those facilities plus all the subsidized units for people in deep poverty that don't need supportive living supports.
Homeward Trust dashboard as of Jan 6, 2024

2987 experiencing homelessness:
- 1714 provisional housed
- 518 in shelters
- 656 unsheltered
- 99 unknown

Good column from Coun. Knack.

He certainly has been taking a lead on this as of late and speaking out against the province.

Makes me wonder if he is eyeing a mayoralty run.

FYI the new Hope Mission reception centre is in the old AADAC building on 107 Street and 103 Avenue.
I do not understand why they moved ARC out of there in the first place.
Nova Scotia recently purchased 200 of these homes that are set up in an hour as part of a village and then wrap around services are provided. It began in the US and provides temporary housing until permanent options are found.

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Nice to see the building finally used for something after being vacant for five straight years (rare miss by Beljan)
Interesting to read this article. The resident communication to community leagues in the areas isn’t as rosy as this article paints it. Lots of nerves about how this could impact the area.

I’m cautiously optimistic it’ll be a step in the right direction. But all the other services over the last decade on stony plain road sure didn’t make it better, they arguably have been part of what’s killed the street to any everyday middle class users.
Public Spaces Bylaw goes before City Council tomorrow morning and looks like there's some organized effort to push back on the open drug use fines aspects of the bylaw.

I think what we'll hear from admin is that in surveys and feedback the overwhelming majority don't approve of open drug use and that is contributing to the real or perceived safety issues in certain public spaces, and that there's better ways to help our vulnerable folks with addiction issues.