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Gentleperson's Bets

So two days to Christmas, might as well take stock from the recently shared photos, since it should be close enough:

Stantec: 7th floor - winner is @chrisvazquez7 (closest by 1)
JW Marriott: 9th floor - winner is @chrisvazquez7 (spot-on)
Tower "B": Excavation complete - gonna give this one to myself since there are no rigs on site for the foundation piles, otherwise @archited would have had it.

Will have to update the first post with the next round of bets soon.
Congratulations to @chrisvazquez7 for precisely nailing the guess on floors for Marriott; and congratulations to @chrisvazquez7 (again) and to @Daveography for guessing closest to Christmas day results on Stantec and Tower B. I wish that there were prizes to hand out. I think I am going to donate a bag of jelly beans for the best guessers on the next round related to various ICE district projects:
1. Marriott, 2. Stantec, 3. Tower B, 4. any and all other ICE District announcements. I will also donate a custom bag for the beans with notations duly acknowledging the respective honours.

"By the end of the year, the Stantec Tower should be poured up to the 29th floor and glazing completed up to level 23. Occupancy is set for Oct. 1, 2018.

The neighbouring Marriott-Legends tower is scheduled to hit level 33 this year, with glazing up to the 24th floor. Occupancy is set for spring 2019."

So how does that compare with our bets for Canada Day? I feel like I am way off now if that's their targets for Christmas 2017...
That seems terribly slow for both. Perhaps they are pushing back the dates for occupancy though, since I thought they were 2018 previously. Maybe Stantec was 2019 for the residential. Kind of awkward/weird to move into a building that is still under construction as far as pouring floors goes above you, though, no?
Very true indeed. Even based on their current progress that is a low number. Maybe under selling instead of overselling so when its done early its a "bonus"
Someone did say this on C2E about Stantec:

A little bird from Stantec told me:

6 days per commercial floor
1.5 months for "sky raft" at floor 30
4 days per residential floor

level 10 will begin next week.
Looking Forward to 2017

As our inaugural year, 2016 will always be an unforgettable one. But 2017 promises to be every bit as monumental, filled with more exciting firsts and memorable highlights. Here’s a look ahead at construction milestones we can all look forward to happening in the next 12 months:
Excavation on the future residences and retail on the west side of ICE District was completed.

Work will commence on the final section of the main ICE District underground parkade, which will be accessible from the JW Marriott, The Legends Private Residences, Stantec Tower, residences at Stantec Tower, and the future retail and residences on the west side.

Stantec Tower and the JW Marriott/The Legends Private Residences tower will near the 20-storey mark.

The JW Marriott hotel levels will top out and the residential portion of The Legends Private Residences will commence. The Public Plaza footprint will be taking shape south of Ford Hall, with the cladding and glazing on the Stantec Tower podium well underway.

Parkade grade slabs, under the future residences on the west side, will be nearing completion and will allow erection of the steelwork for the retail podium to commence. The tower core will reach grade.

Work on the future residential tower, located on the west side, should be above grade alongside the developing retail podium.

The Stantec Tower office levels will top out and the residential portion of the tower will commence. All towers in this phase of ICE District will be well underway. The floors of The Legends Private Residences will be about half-way done.
So who wants to make bets on when the old casino gets bulldozed? Not really any educated guesses on that one, unfortunately.