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Flair Airlines General Discussion and Updates

I booked a return tix for my partner on Flair from PVR to YEG and we noted 2 things I do not see from other airlines.

1. I used a Visa cc to pay for the flight and was charged 2% extra and this was not disclosed prior to the payment on my phone app. They don’t send email confirmation so I had to dig on their website and the reservation info on line is limited. Had I used a debit card from either Visa or MC there is no charge - so I found out later.

2. What comprises taxes is not disclosed at all but it certainly includes the the Mexican Tourist Tax on arrival. Citizens and Permanent Residents of Mexico are exempt by law in paying it and airlines are required to refund it charged which is easy with every other carrier in the
US and Canada No way to reach customer service and chat box no help.. We will complain to PROFECO ithe consumer agency here in Mexico and ask them to investigate. It’s around the equivalent of $40 CAD now. Money is money.

To the opinion piece above, when I flew to San Francisco last year on Flair I remember looking at my ticket and with all the fees and taxes, Flair was taking away about $15 on my ticket. YEG airport was even making more than the airline on my ticket with their improvement fee.
If Flair is struggling with seasonality of demand, my suggestion would be for them to establish a true hub operation in YEG so that they could drive more traffic through their network in the off seasons. You could start this up in a pretty low risk mannner just by running some one stop flights through Edmonton, like Vancouver-Edmonton-Saskatoon.
If the economy is slowing a bit, but not a lot, as many seem to think now, then it could actually be to the benefit of airlines like Flair.

I feel it may slow more in the more expensive international travel sector, now that we are over the post COVID pent up demand and people may be looking more towards budget and domestic options.
I post again -- does anyone know how to contact Flair Executive Suite?
Try the number disclosed here.

Government funding​

No government funding was received during the last completed financial year.

Client Contact Information​

4032-1000 Airport Road
Edmonton International Airport
Edmonton, AB T9E 0V3
Telephone number: 855-936-5656

Client representative​

Stephen Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer

Thanks, @EdmTrekker -- I'll give it a try!

Edit: unfortunately the number is only a passenger reference number (which has also changed) and does not enable calls to the Executive Suite.
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If this does happen they better keep the EIA HQ as Flair is the bigger of the two and it would make sense.