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ETS Bus and General Transit Improvements

APTA 4th quarter PDF is up.

Attachment 3 has been updated with actual boarding numbers for each route.

Local Routes - Weekday Off Peak

Local Routes - Weekday Peaks

Frequent, Rapid, Crosstown - Weekday Off-Peak

Frequent, Rapid, Crosstown - Weekday Peaks

Community Routes - Weekday Off-Peak

The 3 is my main bus route and it is quite busy, which aligns with this data. Connecting two LRT stations (Stadium and Kingsway/Royal Alex) and a major transit centre (Westmount), plus major employers (Royal Alex and Kingsway) will do that.
94 boardings per hour during peaks, highest of all routes. This data is likely from September 2023, peak frequency was increased from 12 mins to 10 mins as of December service changes.

During the March 2020 - Aug 2020, pandemic service reductions, extra service was added to the old 125 (current 3) between Westmount-Kingsway during weekday midday (every 15 mins) & peaks to address overcrowding.
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The City is doing a survey (another survey :( ) on public preferences for three different seating layouts for 53 new LRT cars (37 replacement and 16 for additional capacity).

Before you get to provide any input or feedback, they want to know how many times you've used the system in the last 3 months and how many times you plan to use it in the next three months.

Apparently they're happy with current ridership on the system because if you answer none, you get the following message:

"Thank you for your interest and participation!

At this time we are looking to hear from those who use Edmonton transit or plan to use Edmonton transit in the near future. We look forward to your participation in future surveys

You'd think feedback from those that don't currently use the system in regard to what they would find attractive in potentially using it might be of interest but you'd be wrong. :(

I get the importance of feedback from your current users but by using the same questions to eliminate feedback from others they could just as easily isolate feedback from non-users and maybe find out why.
The survey seems more interesting in segregating and pandering to specific groups rather than the usual everyday riders
Night time economy.
The development of a transportation improvement strategy and activation plan should include the following:

1. A feasibility study relating to extending routes and service hours for current bus and LRT services. This should be led by the Nighttime Alliance in collaboration with key transportation stakeholders and representatives to produce a feasibility report.
Admin Response:
- ETS regularly monitors transit service needs and makes adjustments as part of an Annual Service Plan, using the Council approved Transit Service Policy C539A, supported by Transit Service Standards and budget

- Expanding Owl late night service is not prioritized relative to other needs in the network and gaps between service levels and service standards.

- There are fleet, staff and budget constraints as well as low ridership demand, that prevent the expansion of span of service.
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Urbanism & transit content isn’t going to convince the powers that be to enhance existing airport service.

Powers that be for 747 are brought together under the Airport Accord.

Increasing the 747 from 60 mins off-peak to 30 mins would be a small win, long overdue & more importantly, warranted because of high ridership with 60 minute service.

Everyone needs to be brought together to discuss.

In Edmonton, productive service has been rewarded with more frequent peak & off-peak service.

20 out of 40 growth buses have been funded for satellite garage.
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Good discussion at Urban Planning Committee today. With focus on equity for service planning, ETS is taking a refreshing & leading approach to underperforming service & reallocations, recognizing that transit service is an essential service instead of the "use it or lose it" approach we've gone through in the past.
IIRC, service dogs don't require a muzzle. Of course people abuse this term, so papers are available for these dogs...
Currently in Hong Kong and I would be happy if we're even at a quarter level of the impeccable service that hong kong has in my lifetime. I want the major transit shelters to atleast be clean and feel safe at ALL times without druggies and dodgy characters loitering around. Hong Kong even has a dedicated janitor to just be cleaning a single public washroom.