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Not sure if I'm liking the dark accents on the upper addition -- I preferred the understated colors in the earlier rendering. But, that's pretty cool that the project is expanding beyond its original scope. I hope they can attract some good tenants!
Agreed on both accounts — I fear the black could be quite overbearing on the original building; nonetheless I'll reserve judgment until I see it in person. It'll be great to see the neighbouring building livened up a bit too. Right now its kind of a bunker.

I thought some might find this interesting. It's an article from the January 31, 1939 issue of the Journal describing the substation just after it opened. You gotta love the timely reference included in it for describing its equipment; “a room of hissing and humming, and lit by baleful bluish sparks like the quick-change chamber of the evil queen in “Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs”.”

124 St. Substation Edmonton_Journal_Tue__Jan_31__1939_.jpg

And if we're going to start doing construction updates here's a semi-recent picture of it from a few weeks back;
E.R.R. Substation No.600.jpg
Permit Type Major Development Permit
Permit Class Class B
Permit Date Jan 06, 2020
Status Approved
Description of Development To change the Use of a Professional Financial, and Office Support Service and a General Retail Store with accessory Personal Service Shop on the main floor of a commercial building to two Restaurants (tenant 1: 61.2m2 of public space; tenant 2: 76.2m2 of public space) with an outdoor patio with 115.38m2 of public space, to construct an enclosed 2nd storey pedway between the buildings on 10637 and 10643 124 Street, and to construct exterior and interior alterations (new outdoor patio areas, facade improvements, rear parking area amendments).
Address C, 10637 - 124 STREET NW
^ I am sure that Beljan wants the project to be considered as one with its neighbor -- marketing ploy; although if past is prologue, Beljan does usually up the ante on its projects in some undefinable way that makes the whole better than the sum of its parts.
PERMIT_DATE June 11, 2020
JOB_CATEGORY Commercial Final
ADDRESS 107, 10643 - 124 STREET NW
JOB_DESCRIPTION To construct a three storey addition to an existing Minor Impact Utility Services Use building (Street Railway Substation No. 600), and to change the Use to a mixed Use Commercial building to the basement floor - Specialty Food Services; main floor - one Restaurant and one General Retail Store; second floor - General Retail Stores; third floor - one Bar and Neighbourhood Pub with 54.1 m2 of Public Space and two Professional, Financial and Office Support Services Uses); and to construct exterior alterations on the Site (upgrading the concrete paving, adding benches and seating). No washrooms, 13 RTUs, 2HR demising walls. "Westmount Substation"
BUILDING_TYPE Mixed Use (522)
WORK_TYPE (01) New
FLOOR_AREA 8,858.69
"No Washrooms"? 'Scuse me?? I hope by that they mean portapotties at the worksite, which wouldn't be good either but still :confused:
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@Platinum107 there are a number of possibilities here the way the permit is worded. 1. Restrooms may be a tenant issue which means that they will become part of a design and construction document set for separate permitting as to the individual tenant needs (i.e. not part of this permit). 2. Beljan may be delaying this part of the work effort until all of the tenancies are finitely known. 3. The existing restrooms may be adequate for the entire building use. 4. The Pedway link to the southern building may include access to a bank of washrooms. 5. Hold it -- ;)
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@archited Okay that makes a lot more sense when you think of it like that haha. Thanks!