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Very nice surprise walking back from lunch today...

Transcend Coffee has opened up a pop-up shop in the bay that Grizzlar was supposed to occupy. They are operating there until their new permanent location (in the new Beljan project on the SE corner of 124th & 106th Street) is ready around February.

Selfishly wish they were staying here, but that should be a great spot for them with the Edward wrapping up across the street.


I've always thought 124th st could use a hotel, there's none close but even a small one would give the restaurants and cafes in the area some out of town visitors which would do wonders for those businesses because at the moment they really don't get much traffic other than locals. Plus as a bonus, the area would be a great part of the city to stay in and would leave a positive impression of the city on visitors.
Yes, there is a big cluster of hotels downtown and another cluster closer to West Ed, but oddly hardly anything in the huge area in between. 124 is a decent retail street and the area steadily keeps improving. It already has some unique businesses such as a collection of galleries and shops that could appeal to some visitors.

It, or nearby, could actually be a very nice spot for one or more small to mid size hotels. Something like what Whyte Ave has already had for a number of years. As a location, it would also allow visitors to go to both the west end and more central areas, rather than just focusing on one..