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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Paula Simons: Wanted: A bold white knight for a 124 Street castle
For almost 80 years, Street Railway Substation No. 600 has stood sentinel on 124 Street, just south of 107 Avenue. Built in 1938, the handsome Art Deco building, with its flat roof, clinker brick and raised parapet, was like a miniature castle in the middle of the street.

Its elegant exterior, designed by city architect John Martland, a fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute, hid a very practical little building.

Inside was the equipment needed to boost electrical power to the streetcar that ran up and down 124 Street, from Jasper Avenue to 118 Avenue, and eventually, all the way north to what was then the town of Calder.

Last week, Edmonton city council served notice that it intends to designate the structure a municipal historic resource, a heritage status that protects it from future demolition. That was easy enough, since the city itself owned the building. Once that happens, the city plans to sell the site for some kind of commercial development. The asking price has yet to be determined.

“We anticipate there will be interest,” says city heritage planner Scott Ashe.

Can't find a good photo of it, so here's a street view:!1sTkoqYx3KJsHWYlgXY3nOaw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Heritage Hat Trick
May 30, 2017

City Council scored a hat trick yesterday by designating three important Edmonton buildings as Municipal Historic Resources. Mill Creek House (9734-88 Avenue), the Street Railway Substation No.600 building (10643 – 124 Street), and the Rodd Apartments building (9537 – 103 Avenue) join other properties on Edmonton’s municipal historic resources list.

Constructed in 1901, the Mill Creek House is significant for its association with early residential development in Strathcona. It is a two-storey wood structure designed with Craftsman Style influences. Defining features include the gable roof with two upper storey windows projecting above the roofline, the enclosed porch with exposed tapered posts, cedar shingle roof and wood clapboard siding.

The Street Railway Substation No.600 building was designed by John Martland, an architect of significant influence in Edmonton. The building was constructed in 1938 and is a rare, well-preserved example of Art Deco Style architecture. Some of its defining features include the flat roof, decorative buttresses and the clinker brick veneer. Art Deco influences can also be seen in the pattern, style and construction of windows and doors.

The Rodd Apartments building was originally constructed in 1912 during the development of the Jewish community in Boyle Street. In fact, Edmonton’s first synagogue, Beth Israel, is just down the street. The Rodd Apartments building is architecturally significant for its unusual style and eclectic influences. For example, the false front illustrates influence from the Moderne style in its curved overhang over the front door. The roofline of the false front has a stepped parapet with stone accents and trim. “There are few remaining historic resources in this part of the inner city, so it was fantastic for the owner to come forward to preserve this unique structure,” said David Johnston, Principal Heritage Planner.

The City's Historic Resource Management Plan outlines the City's mission to identify, protect and promote the preservation and use of historic resources. The Plan contains 24 policies and 88 action items that direct how Edmonton's heritage should be preserved and celebrated.

For more information:

Historic Resources

Media contact:
Adrienne F. Hill
Communications Advisor
Sustainable Development

Omada Commercial is excited to announce an incredibly unique infill project along one of Edmonton’s most active retail corridors; 124 Street. The Substation #600 was originally built in 1938 to provide electrical supply for the 124 Street trolley. Now, 70 years after its original construction, this Art Deco building is going through a radical transformation that will see it re-purposed and expanded to house a number of retail, restaurant, service and professional users. This will be a rare opportunity for businesses to occupy micro commercial spaces.

▪ Rare opportunity for micro commercial units
▪ Original Art Deco building being retrofitted with a modern addition
▪ Great frontage and access to 124 Street
▪ Various patio opportunities including roof top, street level and sunken



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Reference ID: Job No 309196698-001
Description: To construct a three storey addition to an existing Minor Impact Utility Services building (street railway substation) and to change the use to a mixed uses Commercial Building (Basement - Specialty Food Services, Main Floor - two Restaurants and one General Retail store, Second Floor - General Retail Stores, Third Floor - Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs and Professional, Financial and Office Support Services)
Location: 10643 - 124 STREET NW
Plan RN22 Blk 24 Lot 2
Status: Intake Review
Create Date: 3/25/2019 2:09:47 PM
Neighbourhood: WESTMOUNT
Back at council for a minor update on June 17: (3.4)

The purpose of the rezoning is to reduce the off-street parking requirement from 6 stalls to 3 stalls off the alley, revisions to the building setbacks, and update the appendices to reflect modifications made to the site plan and elevations. Relocation of the transformer and the garbage receptacles necessitated a reduction in the number of parking stalls. Specifically, the historic building is located 4.9 m from the south property line rather than 4.4 m and the north side setback of the same building will change from 1.5 m to 1.2 m. The new commercial building portion will change from 3.5 m to 3.4 m along the south property line. No other changes are being made to the existing zone.
Permit Type Major Development Permit
Permit Class Class B
Permit Date Jul 19, 2019
Status Approved
Description of Development To construct a three storey addition to an existing Minor Impact Utility Services Use building (Street Railway Substation No. 600), and to change the Use to a mixed Use Commercial building to the basement floor - Specialty Food Services; main floor - one Restaurant and one General Retail Store; second floor - General Retail Stores; third floor - one Bar and Neighbourhood Pub with 54.1 m2 of Public Space and two Professional, Financial and Office Support Services Uses); and to construct exterior alterations on the Site (upgrading the concrete paving, adding benches and seating).
Address 10641 - 124 STREET NW
Legal Description Plan RN22 Blk 24 Lot 2
Neighbourhood WESTMOUNT
Neighbourhood Classification Mature
Ward Ward 6
Zoning DC1
Not sure if I'm liking the dark accents on the upper addition -- I preferred the understated colors in the earlier rendering. But, that's pretty cool that the project is expanding beyond its original scope. I hope they can attract some good tenants!