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Edmonton Real Estate Market

With EA Bioware moving to EPCOR soon, that will be nearly 50,000 square feet of positive absorption downtown, on top of a number of startups moving into their own spaces. Those combined with no new further office space coming onto market, I fully expect Q2 to be net positive with a significant reduction in the downtown vacancy rate.

Construction on three floors (17,18,19) of EPCOR Tower is nearing completion for the future home of BioWare. October appears to be move in date for almost 300 Bioware employees.
Condos are selling as quickly as they ever have; with greater choice selection, buyers are now more choice-cognizant -- it's like this: if a car dealership opens in a given town then all purchases are measured against one option, but, if two more dealerships open in the same town, then sales are going to be depressed at the first location against an increase in over-all sales measured across three possibilities. Poor reporting in this case (lazy journalism).

TLDR; the most expensive units are:
#2902 Symphony Tower: $1,731,900
#3201 Fox Two: $1,269,900
#3002 Icon I: $1,195,000
#17xx 1932 by Bateman (unbuilt): $1,067,542
#602 One River Park: $874,800
Tony Romas will be closing down 4 of its Edmonton locations immediately. I have a feeling the other three locations will soon be shut down as well.
1: West Edmonton mall
2: Bonnie Doon
3: Westmount
4 Christy’s Corner